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Ingress is an AR/geolocation based game made by Niantic. It was the game before Pokemon Go, and the Pokestop and gym database is actually taken from the Ingress portal database. The games are fairly different in terms of exactly HOW they are played (there are no creatures to catch in Ingress, instead, the game is divided into two sides which compete for control of the portals in the game, and link portals together to create fields, which then 'control' areas). I play both games, but personally I think Ingress is more fun.

I started playing Ingress several years ago, but never really took it seriously because for the longest time I had a Windows Phone, and it's not that easy to play Ingress on a tablet. So, I didn't really level up all that far, and I quit the game before it had badges. I changed over to Android recently and went back to Ingress. A lot has changed!

One of the biggest changes is that to level up past level 8 you need badges as well as experience points. To earn the different levels of badges you need to put in a LOT of of time hacking portals, creating links and fields, recharging resonators and doing other in-game tasks. I started looking at some of the badges that were 'quick wins' so that I could rack up enough gold badges to continue leveling.

Sojourner is an "easy" gold (simply hack a portal every day), so was one of my first ones to aim for:

Another interesting one is the Spec Ops badge, which you get for doing missions. I travel a lot to go to tournaments, so at least once a month I'm in a different town or city. That means I'll have the chance to run a few extra missions in different places.

Missions are fun. They send you around the city going to different waypoints, and you get to read about what each landmark you're visiting is. Sometimes I'm guilty of speed running the missions and not really taking the time to look around, but if I have the time I do let myself get side-tracked and take the time to soak up the atmosphere. I was in York for a training course, and got to see some nice architecture and some historic sights then. I'll be in Edinburgh in December, and London in January, so it's going to be fun exploring!