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I'm back from a busy weekend, working Scottish Grappling and then going off to York to learn about Social Investment. Not only has it been a busy weekend, it's been a weekend of eating junk food.

The West of Scotland tournament was great. Well organised, went mostly without a hitch, and some great jiu jitsu on display. I learned a thing or two about back control that I can't wait to apply too!

In the run-up to the tournament, and at the tournament, I did a lot of eating out. I've never had to worry about my weight, even with this sort of eating. I just know that if I am planning to compete and if I eat 'sensibly' for a week or so beforehand my weight is always just under Rooster when it needs to be. Cutting weight will be an interesting experiment!

I'm a bit worried about doing the experiment 'for real' in May given that the BJJ British Open is then, so I've tasked myself with doing a mini cut over the next couple of weeks to see how I perform. If I feel OK and see the scale moving down between now and the end of the month then I'll sign up to the British Open even though I'll be 'mid cut' for the real experiment then. If I feel terrible, I'll skip the British this year.

Fully fed, hydrated, and having just ate I'm 3kg over my 'cut target'. Let's see how different that looks first thing in the morning!

The IBJJF London Open would have been today. I’m still pretty devastated about not being able to do it. One of my team mates went, and he had a good day. He should have been in a round robin, but one of his opponents pulled out (Rayron Gracie, whose mother was attacked a few days ago, so it’s completely understandable that he wouldn’t have wanted to travel to the UK to compete) but he still had one other opponent, and he won that match to take Gold. As I’m writing this he’s waiting to do the absolutes.

I wish I could have been there, but I suppose it’s good that I wasn’t competing, because I’m working Scottish Grappling tomorrow. I’m on the train to go there now, and I am pretty tired as it is! I’m still looking for my next target, though, and one of my other team mates reminded me that the UAEJJF does a few tournaments in the UK now, and that I should probably keep an eye on those.

It turns out I’d have a division at UAEJJF on the March 10, so I think I might try and do that. I’ve been in lazy mode for the last few weeks, fooling around in the gym and not really eating sensibly, so it’s important that I get back on track.

Doubly so because one of the guys at the gym is doing a Sports Science degree and wants to track the effects of weight cutting on performance athletes. He needs several people at different weights, and was hoping that I’d be up for being the ‘light person’. I don’t normally need to manipulate my weight to be on point to compete, but he’s asked me if I could try and maintain a loss of 500g a week for a few weeks just ‘for science’.

I’m curious, and I’ll get to have some fancy lab tests done if I agree, so of course I’ve said yes!

I’m going to start tracking my weight this week. I’ve downloaded Libra for my phone, which is a weight tracking scale that helps you track trends rather than freaking out because your weight fluctuates with water retention, hormones, etc. Libra – Weight Manager is a free tool, and it’s really easy to use. I’ll be weighing myself every day, and on Tuesday I’ll start a 500 calorie deficit (I can’t start Sun/Mon because I’m away from home and have no idea what foods will be offered at catering at the tournament or at the SSE course on Monday).

I suspect that following a calorie deficit will impair my performance so I’m going to try to meal plan a little bit. Lots of protein and lots of vegetables. Oats, limited fruits, and cutting down on bread. I give it two weeks and I’ll be screaming for pizza! I will, of course, post any results I’m allowed to share on here.