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Going Sugar Free

Being sick / injured for several months has meant I spent a lot of time training less than I normally do. I'm lucky in that if I'm not training I don't feel all that hungry. Sadly, though, I do have a few vices - such as muffins from AMT in the train station. Those moist and sweet carrot cake muffins are addictive and I'm pretty sure they're not great for you.

I'm back on the mats now and my cardio is pretty good still. I feel strong too. But I'm constantly tired and just a little sluggish, so I'm going to try something that I did a few years ago and that worked really well - going sugar free.

I finished the last of my digestive biscuits this morning, and I've started the timer from lunch time. The 'rules' are:

1)  No chocolate, sweet pastries, cookies or biscuits.

2) No lattes - black coffee or unsweetened tea only.

3) No jellies, candies or other sugary sweets.

4) No soda or fruit juice.

Those are the "must do" rules. I'm also going to try over the next 30 days, to:

1) Avoid bread.

2) Avoid pasta.

3) Avoid dried fruit.

4) Eat some fruit, but limit it to one or two pieces per day, sticking to bananas/apples rather than really sweet stuff.

I won't be able to stick to that 100% because I travel a lot and often a sandwich of a pastry is all that's really handy, but it'll be interesting to see how it goes. I'm hoping to save a lot of money (no more running to AMT or Greggs, no more snacking in Sainsbury's!) to go compete in Belgium, and hopefully get more out of my training too.

Expected Challenges

The two things that I'm most concerned about are keeping my energy up for the days I do 3 sessions, and also saying 'no thanks' to cookies and other snacks that people keep offering. I'm in the habit of grazing before training so I'll need to find something to replace flapjacks with.  In the short term I could 'cheat' with crisps, but that's not ideal because it's just replacing one simple carb with another. I suppose for the purposes of this challenge it will work, but long term I'm hoping to give keto a real shot for the increased mental clarity.

I do believe in the whole 'one habit at a time' thing though, so it's probably worth trying to do sugar first, then moving on from there once skipping the muffins and flapjacks has become second nature!

If you've cut out sugar successfully, I'd love to hear your story!

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