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Interclubs and Starting From the Knees

Since my attempts to find a traditional competition to enter in February have failed rather pathetically and frustratingly, and I still want to make sure that I get as many BJJ competitions in as possible this year, I decided that I'd do anything that cropped up. Fortunately for me, I got wind of an Interclub at Gracie Barra Long Eaton.

I had the chance to do some gi and no-gi matches, and I took everything that was offered. This wasn't a competition with medals, it was a comp where people earned points for their team instead, and there was a team trophy. As the only entrant from Origin BJJ Newcastle I didn't expect to get far up the leaderboard, but I wanted to try and achieve something.

I had two gi matches, one against a blue belt u55kg, one against a blue belt u60kg. I also had a no-gi match against a blue belt super-heavy. I didn't realise at the time, but the Interclub was sub-only rules, and starting from the knees.

My first match was against the u60kg, and it went to a draw. She got my back but couldn't finish, and I eventually escaped but then got stuck in her closed guard for the remainder of the (5 minute) round. I didn't have much rest before facing the 55kg girl, and because we were starting from the knees I wasn't assertive enough at the start of the match. She got me with one of my own favourite chokes from side control!

My third match was no-gi and I accounted for myself a lot better. My opponent was much, much bigger than me. She went for a footlock and I escaped. I went for an armbar and she escaped. It was another draw, but I'm pleased because of the size difference.

A Draw isn't a Win but It's Something

I have a lot to work on. The opponents I faced at this interclub were pretty high quality (one was on the podium at the Euros, one won the Hereford Masters last year), so I'm glad to have represented myself decently well, and it was nice to put some points on the leaderboard.

I know I have a cautious game and I need to be more assertive. I'm looking forward to getting back at it next month!

On the train home I got a message from the organisers of the Adult National Championships. They're rescheduling their event. My options for March now are Kleos, which is UKBJJA Ranked so worth doing just for that, All Stars Europeans, and the Southend Open. Hopefully I'll be able to do two of them, so that I can take some time off in April!

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