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Slow Start to February

My plan this year is to compete at least 12 times. Really, an average of one a month but I want some 'in the bank' for the quiet months.

I had planned on doing Manchester BJJ 24/7 on February 17th.

I was going to work Scotland on February 24th, and I hate working a tournament and competing in it as well. It's just too much stress. Also, the day after Scotland I will be in York for an SSE learning day, where I'll be studying some social enterprise stuff for the gym. I don't really want to be doing that much running around AND competing.

Things aren't looking great for February, though. My prospective opponent for Manchester pulled out before I got around to signing up, and I didn't want to go down in age and up two weight categories. That's just a waste of money!

I looked at other tournaments, and discovered that IBJJF London was on February 23rd, and there's someone who is in my category! That would be ideal, except that blue belts have to be IBJJF members to be allowed to compete.

I spoke to my coach about signing up, and he told me to go ahead and try. The problem is, my coach can't sign off IBJJF memberships, it has to be the head of the organisation that does that. In typical BJJ politics, my coach has to speak to his coach, who then has to speak to the head coach. Attempt number one at doing that failed, and I decided that it probably wasn't worth the stress of trying again, and forking out for the membership and late registration fee, and worrying about photo ID, etc. So no IBJJF London Winter Open for me!

I still want to compete in February, though. Unfortunately, my best matches for Scotland have pulled out as well. Good news, however, is that there's an interclub in Long Eaton with some women signed up at some diverse weight categories, so I'll do that just to get the mat time in.

Over the next few weeks I need to get my finances sorted out and get more organised so that I can get my name down for future tournaments a little bit earlier. I'm already stressed and frustrated and we're only really a month into the new year!

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