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Starting my Weight Cutting Experiment

I'm back from a busy weekend, working Scottish Grappling and then going off to York to learn about Social Investment. Not only has it been a busy weekend, it's been a weekend of eating junk food.

The West of Scotland tournament was great. Well organised, went mostly without a hitch, and some great jiu jitsu on display. I learned a thing or two about back control that I can't wait to apply too!

In the run-up to the tournament, and at the tournament, I did a lot of eating out. I've never had to worry about my weight, even with this sort of eating. I just know that if I am planning to compete and if I eat 'sensibly' for a week or so beforehand my weight is always just under Rooster when it needs to be. Cutting weight will be an interesting experiment!

I'm a bit worried about doing the experiment 'for real' in May given that the BJJ British Open is then, so I've tasked myself with doing a mini cut over the next couple of weeks to see how I perform. If I feel OK and see the scale moving down between now and the end of the month then I'll sign up to the British Open even though I'll be 'mid cut' for the real experiment then. If I feel terrible, I'll skip the British this year.

Fully fed, hydrated, and having just ate I'm 3kg over my 'cut target'. Let's see how different that looks first thing in the morning!

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