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Three Days Sugar Free

It's been three days since I went "sugar free", and I'm feeling some results already. The first 24 hours were easy, but the following day I realised that I didn't actually have anything in the house to eat. I ended up snacking on a Nakd bar (ingredients: dates and nuts) and a bag of crisps (even finding crisps without sugar is actually a challenge!). That kept me going until I went to the gym, and I stopped off to buy some real food on the way.

The small Sainsbury's near the gym has lots of healthy snacks - spinach and egg pots, carrots and hummus, etc., so it's easy enough to pick something up for a quick boost.  I still felt "empty" though, and just generally not right on day two. I was frustrated with some admin stuff going on at the gym and just couldn't pull myself into a mental space where I could focus on BJJ. I ended up not training, and just going home when the gi class started.

The following day I still felt a bit weird and ended up not doing the lunch time class. I went for a jacket potato, and it was disgusting, so I ended up grabbing another salad to go. I started feeling better though, and did double sessions on the night.

Now I'm heading into another day and I can feel my brain fog lifting. I left the gym in a rush last night, so didn't have time to pick up groceries. The good news is I'm not particularly hungry now, so I've once again snacked on a Nakd bar. I'll pick something up on the way in to the kids classes, and hopefully the energy will kick in by the time the adult no-gi class starts.

Overall Feelings

My appetite has fallen dramatically. I do feel a greater mental clarity. I'm feeling physically 'empty' which isn't great, but I think that's more to do with how I can't just grab a quick sandwich any more, or pick up some food from the deli counter. I'll need to get more organised with my shopping because I can't just live on random junk long term. I'm not feeling any sugar cravings at all - I think I'm lucky that for me, with the exception of those muffins (which have been a traditional Saturday Morning thing for ages, and I'm expecting to reflexively want to buy one at the weekend), food has always been a convenience thing for me, so it should be easy to stick to this.

Let's see how the rest of the week goes!

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